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TEL: 248-669-1133
FAX: 248-669-1177
1001 Welch Rd. #103,
Commerce Township MI 48390-2864
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Monday Closed
Hiring front desk. Flexible hours. Full time/ part-time positions available. Up to $17/hour.
About Us

Fresh, Bustling China Town Restaurant

China Town is a take-out restaurant located in a densely-populated area of Michigan. While the competition in the area is fierce, China Town owner Chen Jing is confident in her business. With years of experience and a dedicated staff behind her, it’s no wonder Chen is hopeful about the future.

Fact Sheet:
  • Name: China Town
  • Location: 1001 Welch Maple Rd Commerce Township, MI 48390-2864
  • Cuisine: Americanized Chinese food
  • Restaurant Concept: Casual
  • Signature Dish: General Tso’s Chicken, Hunan Beef, Orange Chicken, Szechuan Chicken
  • Year of establishment: 2005
  • Phone: 248-669-1133
The Scene


With only a 1,500 square foot interior, China Town’s main source of income is take out. Classical Chinese music plays throughout the room and is popular with the guests. Even with these modest settings, the owner feels the establishment is of the highest caliber. “We never measure our cafe as a small takeout restaurant, but as an upscale takeout house. Therefore, we decorated it elegantly with Chinese paintings on the walls.” The decorations, service and food have given China Town a steady stream of customers in this busy area.


The Food


China Town serves Americanized Chinese food including Szechuan, Hunan, and Cantonese cuisines. The restaurant offers seasonal items throughout the year to provide the customers with welcome changes in the menu. The owner is constantly updating the menu by purging unpopular dishes and creating new ones. In order for a dish to be added to the menu, the chefs thoroughly test the proposed entrée first. “We only offer the best dishes for customers,” explains Chen.


 Stir-frying is the main method of cooking at China Town, although many other methods are used to create the myriad of dishes. General Tso’s Chicken, Hunan Beef, Orange Chicken, and Szechuan Chicken are all popular with local customers. Why are they popular? They are offer a desirable combination of healthy-ingredients, good taste and less oil. 

Most of the dishes at China Town are considered by the management to be “healthy” dishes so China Town does not feel the need to include a separate “health-conscious” menu. Chen Jing is concerned with her patrons’ health and the chefs work hard to make sure the dishes are prepared in a healthy manner. China Town offers items with only a little sauce, no MSG, and little oil. The restaurant also makes a special effort to get the freshest meats and vegetables from suppliers and to serve food as fresh as it is prepared. “Everything is made on site and is fresh daily. All food materials are purchased daily,” explains Chen.

The management has worked hard to improve the food as well. The owner found that the customers were not initially receptive to the food they were serving when they first opened. The chefs have since reduced the oil to accommodate the wishes of their clients.

The Service

A polite greeting, a sincere smile, and good manners are basic requirements for the staff at China Town. Personal hygiene is strictly enforced and the customers’ wishes always take priority.

“The hygiene condition is highly emphasized in our restaurant. It’s the basic guarantee for providing overall good service. All of these areas are very clean and spotless, which is guaranteed by our regular cleaning.  The floor, tables, and chairs are cleaned every night, and a thorough cleaning will be conducted every week.” The kitchen is also an open kitchen so customers can see it at all times. It is cleaned throughout the day while two chefs diligently prepare food for customers.

The owner has a strong working relationship with staff members. If there is ever an issue, the staff feels confident to give constructive suggestions if they find something that needs to be improved.

The ownership also has an amiable relationship with the local population. “On some holiday or festivals, we will prepare some delicate gifts for regular customers.” There is a suggestion box on display that the staff pays attention to.


The owner arrived in America in 1998. There were many cultural challenges that Chen Jing initially had to adjust to and overcome. After several hard years working in various Chinese restaurants, Chen opened her first restaurant in 2002. This is her second restaurant which opened in 2005.

Not content with her already substantial success, Chen constantly strives to improve the quality of the dining experience.

What’s the secret to Jing’s success? Simple: "irresistible food and speedy, sincere service."